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LEEPA singing at SOUNDBOKS Checkout Session
In our latest event series, The Checkout Sessions, we have chosen to shine a light on up-and-coming artists - giving them a whole new platform through which they can share their work with an intimate crowd of passionate music lovers. And we want to give you a little bit of insight into who these artists are and what inspires them to create the beautiful sounds that already have or will echo through the halls or courtyards of various creative locations in both Berlin and Copenhagen.
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the inner workings of a creative mastermind. 
LEEPA is a passionate 21-year-old artist from the heart of Berlin who just got signed to Sony/Columbia - a massive deal at any age. Music absolutely consumes her - it is ingrained in every fiber of her being, and has been for as long as she can remember. And even though she might have strayed from it at times, music is the path that she has always returned to. For LEEPA, music is the tool she uses to express herself and to help her make sense of her feelings and to somehow understand why others might not get where she’s coming from. 
“Creating music is a vulnerable and intimate affair, and if you're not in the right headspace, what comes out will most likely feel forced or uncomfortable.”
Authenticity through and through, speaking your mind, your feelings, and knowing your worth is LEEPA’s holy grail for success. And she is bound to have plenty of it if you ask us. She hopes that her music will inspire people and that she herself can become someone that people look up to and find hope and comfort in.
LEEPA’s perfect day? 
A full day in the studio. A day where she works for hours on end and it’s like the world outside has completely melted away. 
More to come
There you have it. A quick peek behind the curtain of Berlin’s hottest - and there’s more where that came from. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on future Checkout Sessions and peeling back the layers of more up-and-coming, still slightly hidden gems. 


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Wouter, digital director at soundboks sitting on a soundboks in front of an orange background

Meet the Team | Wouter

Wouter is 25 years old and the Global Digital Director here at SOUNDBOKS.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Wouter
Kait, Brand Experience Team Lead at SOUNDBOKS in front of an orange background with a white SOUNDBOKS in her hands

Meet the Team | Kait

Kait is 26 years old from New Jersey and is the Brand Experience and Partnership Team Lead here at SOUNDBOKS.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Kait

Community Member of the Month | Nov.

The whole thing started when we were all studying together in Canne in the South of France, bonding over a SOUNDBOKS speaker...
Jesper, SOUNDBOKS CEO in front of an orange background

Meet the Team | Hans

Hans is 27 years old, half Danish, half Finnish and is the Chief People Officer here at SOUNDBOKS.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Hans
David, SOUNDBOKS developer in front of an orange background

Meet the Team | David

David is one of our trusty SOUNDBOKS developers working on both the app software and the firmware inside the speaker.
SOUNDBOKS, starring David
Artist performing live with a SOUNDBOKS


The Checkout Sessions take a new approach to the classic concert or live performance that we all know and love.



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