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Artist performing live with a SOUNDBOKS
At SOUNDBOKS, we are always looking for new ways to break through the noise. Sure, the speaker is super loud and can overpower pretty much any noise you throw at it - but we’re talking about a different kind of noise. 
With the help of our products and amazing community, we strive to create a platform where underground voices can get a chance to speak out - to make their mark on the world by breaking through the noise. And with this philosophy in mind, we came up with a new event series:
Based in Berlin and Copenhagen, the Checkout Sessions take a new approach to the classic concert or live performance that we all know and love. Instead of using well-known music venues, we seek out alternative creative spaces with characteristic charm and undeniable flair. And instead of drawing crowds in the hundreds or even thousands, we are aiming for intimate sessions, where the guests - that is all the guests, and not just the lucky few who manage to fight their way into the front row - have a chance to connect with the musician of choice.
Speaking of musicians of choice - we bet you’d like to know what type of artists we will be working with, right? And who are we to say that you shouldn’t get everything that you want? 
We caught up with three of Berlin’s hottest, up-and-coming artists to give you a little bit more insight into who already has and who, sooner rather than later, will be gracing us with their presence at one of our Checkout Sessions. These three impressive artists are taking matters into their own hands and showing the world that talent comes in every shape, size, and color imaginable. Clicking the links below will take you deep into the mind of each artist and help you get to know them a little better.  
Get enthralled by the lovely LEEPA
Be won over by the smooth voice of Lie Ning.
And prepare to be blown away by the ever-creative J.Lamotta
 More where that came from
And that just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled at our Berlin Event Webpage and the SOUNDBOKS Instagram channel for updates on future Checkout Sessions and peeling back the layers of more up-and-coming, still slightly hidden gems. 


SOUNDBOKS is the world's first and only Bluetooth Performance Speaker. Beautifully loud, wirelessly pairable, amazingly durable, surprisingly lightweight and the only wireless speaker with a swappable battery.



Philippe, Paid Media Specialist at SOUNDBOKS in front of a Orange Background.

Meet the Team | Philippe

Philipe started in a Customer Support role in 2016 and is now leading the way as our Paid Media Specialist in our LA office.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Philippe
Female DJ with a SOUNDBOKS

SOUNDBOKS × Future Female Sounds

If you haven’t heard of Future Female Sounds - not only is it about time, but you’ve come to the right place!
Dj with a SOUNDBOKS strapped to his back

Community Member of the Month | Oct.

Traveling parties - a safe, simple way to get people together. Something that has been really difficult over the last few months.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Jean-Dean
emil, a supply chain coordinator at soundboks leaning on top of a soundboks speaker

Meet the Team | Emil D.

Emil takes care of all of our inbound shipments from China to Europe and the US and oversees all of our B2B shipments.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Emil D.
sabah the accountant at soundboks

Meet the Team | Sabah

Sabah is currently working full time at SOUNDBOKS as our Accountant whilst studying business controlling full time at university.
SOUNDBOKS, staring Sabah
Girl and guy sitting on top of the SOUNDBOKS in a home gym

Home Workouts Reimagined

To help me reimagine my home and workouts, I’ve partnered with SOUNDBOKS to turn my workout into a personal concert.
Katie Leonard



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