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article.subHeader Katie Leonard - Healthy baker and founder of the bakery and instagram account ktleo.
Girl and guy sitting on top of the SOUNDBOKS in a home gym
My name is Katie Leonard, and I’m a healthy baker and founder of the bakery, blog and instagram account, ktleo. I share healthy baking recipes for snacks and desserts loaded with high-protein, good fats, and all-natural ingredients - as well as fitness tips and recommended products. Health and wellness is at the heart of everything I do - from healthy food concoctions to fun workouts! 
I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had to pivot from our traditional gym-workouts during this time, and get creative with some home fitness routines. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get into High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) - which calls for short bursts of very difficult cardio work to kick up the intensity of your workout, increase your heart rate, and speed up your metabolic functions. These types of exercises call for jumping, bursts of quick side-to-side movements and elevated surfaces, plus weights are completely optional. 
Given that all of my training is now done at home these days, I wanted to find tools - besides my living room coffee table - that allowed me to practice these elevated jumps, uniquely angled push ups, steps ups, shoulder raises, etc. *CUE THE SOUNDBOKS SPEAKER* To help me reimagine my home and workouts, I’ve partnered with SOUNDBOKS  to use their speaker as both an elevated platform tool, AND a badass source for me to bump my favorite tunes and my workout into a personal concert! 
• • • • • • • • • 
With the intention of helping those who already have a SOUNDBOKS (or not) get fit in their own homes, my pal Matt and I decided to film our latest H.I.I.T. training day. The workout is a “speed circuit” style workout, consisting of six different pairs of workouts - all to be completed four (4) times before moving onto the next. I’ve written out the workout below, but we filmed a follow-along style video to walk you through what we’re officially calling the “SOUNDBOKS Community Workout.” I 100% guarantee it will Kick. Your. Booty! 
Without further ado...


Six (6) sets of workouts, with each set containing two different moves - each targeting multiple different areas of the body to ensure balancing of strength and cardio. 
The mission is to complete one set four (4) times, with :20 seconds of work followed immediately by 0:10 seconds of rest.
Starting with SET 1: you’ll do 20 seconds of alternating steps up 
Once you complete 20 seconds of the step ups, you’ll rest for 10 seconds. 
Once 10 seconds of rest is up, you will then do 20 seconds of sprawls.
Once you complete 20 seconds of sprawls (as many as you can back to back), you’ll rest for 10 seconds
That marks the completion of round 1 of set one - YAY! You’ll do this same alt-step-up to sprawl circuit three more times, for a total of four rounds.
Once you complete the remaining three (3) rounds, it’s time for SET 2: broad jump burpee and bent over rows!
SOUNDBOKS speaker [or some sort of elevated platform / surface (i.e.: stair, chair, table)]
SOUNDBOKS Speaker in a home gym
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 1:  Alternating Step-ups 
- (step up on top on the Soundboks speaker with your right leg, then left leg)
move 2: Sprawl
-  (which is a half burpee, without the jump at the end; you’ll start standing rom there, you kick out your feet, do a Push-up, return to the frog position, stand up and jump. 
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 3: Broad Jump Burpee
move 4: Bent Over Row 
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 5: Tricep Dips with Alt Leg Kick
move 6: Burpee to Lateral Jump
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 7: Push Up to Alt Side Plank
move 8: Alt Leg and Tuck
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 9: 10x Toe Taps + 1x Push Up
move 10: Plank Shoulder Tap 
(do x4 rounds of each; :20 on, :10 rest)
move 11: Box Jumps
move 12: Bent Leg Alt Get-Up
• • • • • • • • • 
I hope you get a LOT from this workout. I am on a mission to make being healthy creative, fun, and unique! However, “being healthy” means more than just working out and physical gains. It’s equally as critical for us to be in-tune with the foods we put into our body, and the thoughts we let float through our heads because, as we all know, a healthy body = a healthy mind; without proper nutrition and goods vibes, the sole purpose of “working out” would be in vain. Attention to your body, your mind, and your spirit  are essential in order to stay balanced and practice holistic wellness. Obviously that’s easier said than done. Holistic wellness encompasses everything from physical wellness (BMI, heart rate, muscle strength) to emotional wellness (our ability to identify and regulate emotions), to social wellness (sense of belonging, positive / support friendships), to intellectual wellness (curiosity and drive to gather unknown information via books, research, academic courses). Our overall happiness and well-being is dependent upon our ability (and desire) to create a balanced interplay between these elements, so a focus on feeding both the body AND the mind is essential.
I began to dip my toes into the 'health-and-wellness' ecosystem after university, when I realized yo-yo dieting was not working for me. I simply didn't know what "exercise" was or what a "balanced plate" looked like! I would "eat healthy" on weekdays, and have "cheat days" EVERY weekend… then feel awful and regretful every Monday. I then decided to make a pivot in my life: I wanted to feel invincible ALL days of the week and not start my weeks so negatively by hanging onto feelings of self-punishment! 
So, I started finding workouts that were fun, high-intensity, and easy-to-follow (shoutout to Kayla Itsines & the SWEAT® program!), and choosing clean / balanced meals. For example one protein (i.e.: chicken or salmon), one-two carbs (i.e.: sweet potato and broccoli), and one fat (i.e.: avocado or egg). I now eat intuitively, find healthier kitchen swaps, and do workouts that get me EXCITED to sweat!! I've learned to study my body and listen to what it actually needs in that moment (i.e.: if I am bored, I'll turn to an intriguing podcast, go on a walk, do a craft....OR perhaps dig into that bag of popcorn that I've been eyeing because I feel like it!) I knew it was the right path for me when people started organically asking what I eat in a day, how I get motivated to squeeze in a sweat-session everyday, and experiment with healthy meals all the time. I started to realize two important things: (1) so many people - just like myself - struggle with weight / motivation / finding fitness & food plans that work for them! And (2) that I had such a genuine and intrinsic passion for this realm and helping others find what works for them. 
Over the past two years, I’ve become obsessed with being active, living healthy, and whipping up nutritious treats. I truly believe food is at the centerpiece of any social gathering and, more specifically, dessert! It’s without a doubt an essential part of any meal. 
As I started to expand my passion and knowledge for fitness and nutrition, I wanted to find a way to continue to integrate dessert into my everyday life - WHILE still staying fit, fueling my body with all healthy fats / carbs / nutrients, and ensuring I provide my body with the necessary proteins & fibers. Essentially, I listened to both my own voice / passion, as well as the voices of those in my own network struggling to find consistency, and flipped it into what I’m calling, KTLEO! I use my platform, "KTLEO”, as a health & wellness catalyst to provide people with healthy baking recipes, hand-delivered baked goods, catering services, and fitness tips & tricks. The recipes I share and treats I make cover all palettes - from vegan to paleo to keto - and all are 100% gluten-free, high-protein, and low sugar! Not only do I want to serve those active gym-goers interested in staying fit-and-healthy, but also intend to target those dessert-lovers who are restricted by food restrictions, including but not limited to celiac, paleo, nut-averse, veganism, etc. Another psychographic of individuals I hope to affect are those struggling to keep up with “fad” diets - and want to instead remain consistent in their healthy eating habits.
While I focus on desserts and sweet treats at ktleo, I am looking forward to expanding the food lens beyond sweets to share full-meal ideas (i.e.: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks) with you! I recently launched my KTLEO MEAL GUIDE - which is an epic convergence of all my go-to meals, drinks, desserts, and snacks - rolled into one guide! Included in the guide is: grocery shopping list, drinks (alcohol, coffee, other beverages), snacks, six (6) days of lunch, dinner, breakfast, and dessert recipes, all nutrition info per meal (fiber, protein, calories, fat, carbs), high level overview of macros-nutrients, and affordable brands with kick-ass food. Head to ktleo.com to order! You can also email <leonardkatiejo@gmail.com> or DM me <@ktleo> to place a hand-delivered order if you’re located in the Southern California area! 


My name is Katie Leonard, and I’m a healthy baker and founder of the bakery, blog and instagram account, ktleo. I share healthy baking recipes for snacks and desserts loaded with high-protein, good fats, and all-natural ingredients - as well as fitness tips and recommended products. Health and wellness is at the heart of everything I do - from healthy food concoctions to fun workouts!



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Girl and guy sitting on top of the SOUNDBOKS in a home gym

Home Workouts Reimagined

To help me reimagine my home and workouts, I’ve partnered with SOUNDBOKS to turn my workout into a personal concert.
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