Redefine Summer

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We are making history. In the wake of world events unprecedented in the modern world, we are charting new ground every day. At every step, at every turn, we have adapted and shown resilience beyond reason. In the flood of uncertainty and sadness, we have continued forward and in many cases discovered - or rediscovered - value in life.
Things are starting to come into focus. With plans cancelled and rules rewritten, it’s certain that almost nothing is for certain. But it’s also becoming clearer that if we put our minds to it, we can do something about it. We can be self-sufficient and even provide for our communities. We can build new rituals and create new goals. As humans, we find a reason to reach out, to build up, to seek out, to go above and beyond. 

This is serious 

When we say “Redefine Summer”, we’re serious. Whether you take a SOUNDBOKS with you or not, it’s up to you to create something new this summer–and we hope that you make it something meaningful. 
If that means throwing a little festival in your backyard, we’ve got your back...yard sound system. If it means doing something you believe in, consider us your platform; your amplifier. If it means relaxing and taking in the world in new ways, let us introduce you to a new kind of outdoor sound. It’s time to look at everything a little differently and engage with the world in front of us in new ways. 

Together is better

In a time of isolation, it has become increasingly apparent that we thrive when we move together. The ways in which we come together will look different depending on where we are in the world and how our communities adapt, but the connections will be rebuilt.
And it’s up to us to rebuild them. Even if that’s something you’ve never done before, if you feel compelled to host a gathering or create a space, take action. You have everything you need to get going, and the rest is right within reach.

Make friends, Build communities 

Alright, we’ll stop being so preachy...PSYCH! This is all about pumping you up to get things moving in your mind. Your friends, your communities and the people around you need you now. Find your fellow leaders, make a plan, and team up to create something you’ve only dreamed of. 
So we’re going to keep putting inspirational ideas, pro tips, and tales of triumph in this space in the hopes that we push you to truly redefine summer and beyond. Keep checking out Volume for more!


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Philippe, Paid Media Specialist at SOUNDBOKS in front of a Orange Background.

Meet the Team | Philippe

Philipe started in a Customer Support role in 2016 and is now leading the way as our Paid Media Specialist in our LA office.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Philippe
Female DJ with a SOUNDBOKS

SOUNDBOKS × Future Female Sounds

If you haven’t heard of Future Female Sounds - not only is it about time, but you’ve come to the right place!
Dj with a SOUNDBOKS strapped to his back

Community Member of the Month | Oct.

Traveling parties - a safe, simple way to get people together. Something that has been really difficult over the last few months.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Jean-Dean
emil, a supply chain coordinator at soundboks leaning on top of a soundboks speaker

Meet the Team | Emil D.

Emil takes care of all of our inbound shipments from China to Europe and the US and oversees all of our B2B shipments.
SOUNDBOKS, starring Emil D.
sabah the accountant at soundboks

Meet the Team | Sabah

Sabah is currently working full time at SOUNDBOKS as our Accountant whilst studying business controlling full time at university.
SOUNDBOKS, staring Sabah
Girl and guy sitting on top of the SOUNDBOKS in a home gym

Home Workouts Reimagined

To help me reimagine my home and workouts, I’ve partnered with SOUNDBOKS to turn my workout into a personal concert.
Katie Leonard



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