We Built the Speaker | Pt. 1

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New SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth Speaker in front of a mountain
The New SOUNDBOKS is quite literally the speaker of our dreams. It’s the peak that Jesper, Christoffer, Hjalte, and the original team reached for from the very beginning, and what they envisioned as the ultimate performance speaker. The third generation of SOUNDBOKS has changed our world and taken everything we do to a whole new level.
“We never settle. We know we have limitations, but our ambitions are always high.” 
-Christoffer Nyvold, CEO and founder
But what went into creating this beast of a speaker–and how is it shaping the future of personal audio? Maybe you already know our story. Well, this is an insider’s look like never before. We’ll be checking in with some of the wild minds that brought us the New SOUNDBOKS, and give you a closer look at the inner workings and future plans of this surprisingly loud wireless Bluetooth speaker. 
To kick it off, we linked up with founders Jesper Thiel Thomsen and Christoffer Nyvold to pick their brains about the idea that started it all. 
What motivated you to go back to the drawing board and create a new speaker? 
J: The development process actually started over 3 years ago, when we were in the throes of developing the SOUNDBOKS 2. We knew we wanted to make something bigger, something better but we had never been able to really nail it down. So we took a step back and reviewed what we really wanted to achieve and gave ourselves enough time to get there. Ideally, we hoped to create the best product for our customers and something that fits into the SOUNDBOKS community.
C: Even though the finished speaker was the result of years of planning and dreaming, the third generation was initially thought of as an improvement to the SOUNDBOKS 2. But in the end, it became an entirely new product. At the top of our list was adding new functionalities that would guarantee an improved user experience - and ultimately give customers more bang for their buck.
What’s unique about the New SOUNDBOKS? 
C:  I think we have really nailed the combination of the volume, the battery power, and the durability. We stuck to the core of what we believe is the perfect speaker for our customers. And the wireless connectivity, the sound modes, and the upgradability are all the cherry on top of the Sunday.  
J:  For sure the TeamUp function. It lets you connect up to 5 SOUNDBOKS wirelessly without having to rely on a WiFi network. It really sets the speaker apart, and it’s something we haven’t seen anyone else doing. 
Who is this speaker made for? 
J:  We always design our products for our community - the people who have supported us from the start. But we do see the potential of this speaker to reach a wider audience. For example, with the pro panel, you can now easily connect microphones, instruments, and DJ setups - opening the speaker up to a more professional setting. 
C: We still definitely have a festival setting in mind when creating our speakers, but the versatility it offers blows the field wide open. For a lot of people, the SOUNDBOKS becomes their only speaker - naturally a festival speaker, but also a party, home, and/or workout speaker. 
 “These speakers are built to last - they should be with you for life.”
- Jesper Thiel Thomsen, CEO and Founder
What does the future hold? 
C:  We want to keep making relevant and exciting products. Quality is key and something we will always strive for. An interesting area that we are looking at more is customization options.  
J:   With the New SOUNDBOKS we have scaled up in the software part of the business and that’s something we want to keep working on - especially with the app. It’s important to us that our products stand the test of time and that you don’t need to buy a new speaker every few years. 
What’s your SOUNDBOKS story? Let us know by emailing Volume@SOUNDBOKS.com


Jesper is 25 years old and one of the three SOUNDBOKS founders. Born and raised in Copenhagen, he takes every chance he gets to explore the world. And when he’s not at the office you can be sure to find him in the kitchen working on perfecting his culinary skills - or rather his repertoire of Indian cuisine. What he loves most about the company he has helped build, is the culture and the fact that you ‘feel better after 10 minutes in the office than you did before you got there’. Christoffer is 25 years old and one of the three SOUNDBOKS founders. It has been the biggest factor in his life for the past 5 years and something he has grown up with. A dedicated handball player with 16 years under his belt, Christoffer is curious about the product and supply chain part of the business - like how everyday objects that we take for granted actually get made. What he loves the most about SOUNDBOKS is the people and the level of ambition they exude - everyone is pushing each other to achieve greatness.



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