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Madison, aka. The Energizer Bunny, is a 22 year old pro skier, climber and trail runner living in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Who are you & how did you get started?
Madison Rose is a professional skier, avid mountain runner and climber, and four-season outdoor athlete, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
What are your achievements? Featured in online and print outdoor media publications for skiing/ mountain running. Athlete representative for Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski Resort. Sponsored athlete by DPS Skis, Helly Hansen, LEKI, Osprey Packs, POC Sports.
What is your community? My largest community and family is the outdoor industry, specifically in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains. It is a big ski family where we are able to get out into the mountains and shred together, work on projects, set off to do big ski missions, travel, and embrace the outdoors and appreciate mother nature and ski epic powder! Another community I love being surrounded by is the mountain/trail running community in the spring/summer/fall. The Discrete Cirque Series (elite mountain running race series) is a community of rad individuals that love running up mountains, sharing and spreading stoke, and pushing our physical abilities to the next level! I would say I have a lot of different yet connected communities that I love being a part of and thrive in!
What is the noise you are trying to break through and what are you working on now? I am currently working on slowing down and taking time to really be present and be connected with the people I am with and my surroundings. With our constantly changing world, I am finding that slowing down my usual pace of "go-go-go" and taking a moment to relax, breathe, assess each situation and environment, I am able to fully embrace and appreciate these beautiful present moments that sometimes I know I may have skipped over or not initially recognized. I have been realizing that there is a lot of beauty in slowing down and making time to appreciate the little things, whether that is yoga, meditation, time connecting with family and friends, mountain time (running, climbing, late season ski-touring, camping etc.), even baking, playing the ukulele, singing, dancing, and finding trails or fun spots to adventure near/close to home.
What is your place in the SOUNDBOKS universe & how are you empowered by SOUNDBOKS? Soundboks allows me to take my motivation to the next level. Music plays a HUGE role throughout my day. It affects my mood, motivation, and more. I have recently been incorporating dance moves while moving from one place to another to spice things up and make every day fun! From the kitchen while having a baking dance party, to backyard workouts, to camping with a few close crew of friends, jamming to my favorite songs, I am always inspired to keep staying healthy, fit, active, motivated and strong so I am prepared for ski season as well as the summer season of cross training.

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