Max is a free spirit, yoga teacher, social entrepreneur, community leader and event host.


Who are you and how did you get started? 
Max, a free spirit, yoga teacher, social entrepreneur, community lead and event host. Established skigaudi student skiing festival. Got started as a mentor for university freshmen. In this capacity started skigaudi for 45 mentees a couple of years ago. In 2019 skigaudi had more than 1000 participants from different universities. Max hosted festivals and yoga events for more than 20k+ people in Germany, Austria, Spain and Afrika. 
What are your achievements? 
Created the skigaudi community which focuses on self development and project based learning in a socio ecological context, aiming to raise consciousness among future leaders for socio ecological and organizational transformation. Working on finding a way to establish responsible and conscious skiing and party tourism. Established Spain`s largest outdoor festival tour in 2015. Leading and Designing some of Europes largest Technology festivals and design sprints like FC Bayern Hackdays, Techfest and others.
Max was leading projects that got featured in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, t3n, Gründerszene, Berlin
Valley, Bayrisches Fernsehen, CNN, NewYork Times, El Mundo
What is your community?
Currently I am focusing on our student community the "skigaudi crew" which involves future leaders from various universities in southern Germany.
What is the noise you are trying to break through and what are you working on now? 
There is nothing more powerful than young people who do something, that they really want to. We need social and ecological transformation in every dimension of our life to overcome the challenges of mankind on mother earth. This great challenge offers the biggest opportunity for a fulfilling life in history – for a holistic, meaningful and happy lifestyle. – I am trying to break through the mainstream noise of materialistic, unconscious, racist and exploitative society.  I am currently working on planing Skigaudi 2020 - including new workshops, universities and side events - Including a new self-empowerment and decentralized party concept with Soundboks.
What is your place in the SOUNDBOKS Universe and how are you empowered by SOUNDBOKS? 
Soundboks brings the melody and baseline to every project I am starting, like off grid tiny house building workshops, parties at my lake house or enriching and amplifying new innovative festival concepts – Soundboks inspires my creativity as an event designer to constantly come up with new event formats and truly helps us bringing our community together.

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