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I’m Niels Otto. Experience, light and laser artist, and motion designer.
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Who are you?
I’m Niels Otto. Experience, light and laser artist, and motion designer. I got started by graphic design. Soon realizing that my designs were stale and non-movable, I ventured into motion design. I realized one day that I’ve always loved new experiences and to give others great experiences and thus the road into the experience design arena got started, and I haven’t looked back since.
What are your achievements?
I’ve made visuals for artists like Den Sorte Skole at Skanderborg Festival, Infernal in Boxen Herning, and Medina at the Zulu Awards, face filters for Phlake, supervising VJ for Covidhagen 2020, large scale laser shows in Tivoli at CPH Lightfestival, and Nordatlantens Brygge with Båll & Brand, spatial design and dancefloor light design for Endurance raves in Copenhagen with my studio Optika, which I co-founded with four friends, and large scale projections at By & Havn for Kulturnatten. Everything that ties together the dogma of experiences and mastering modern media platforms.
What is your community?
Primarily live events and musicians together with motion designers. Optika Studio where we experiment with new concepts to push experiences even further, and Båll & Brand where we do laser shows and takes lasers from quirky DJ sets, into the arms of big cities in big artworks as well as light designers, stage designers and technology-witches and wizards.
What is the noise you are trying to break through and what are you working on now?
I’m trying to break through the staleness of media. Pushing technology into the arms of common folk, without them noticing the technology. There are so many new concepts of interactivity and experience designs which seems unheard of in Denmark, which are just simmering to get into the spot light. We don’t have to have the same loop for visuals for concerts. They can generate themselves with the right techniques. Generative media and arts are a new era of creating content and can create unseen and unheard of concepts to the live experience with live interaction from music and audience.
We don’t have to settle with basics and “just do this”.
What is your place in the SOUNDBOKS universe & how are you empowered by SOUNDBOKS?
My place is to give SOUNDBOKS the ambience and environment visually and emotionally. What the SOUNDBOKS delivers in intensity and fun in music, I’m trying to create atmospherically and immersiveness. What is a concert without the space? Without the smoke and lights? There are as many colours for lights as there are frequencies for music, and tying these together is a combination as old as humans, but as great as the human mind.
The SOUNDBOKS empowers me to venture further than my office and create these experiences anywhere imaginable. The portability, connectivity and quality of the SOUNDBOKS makes it a diverse must for arts and structures!

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