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Victor “The Acro Machine” Togunde is a 45 years old actor and acro specialist living in sunny Santa Monica.
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Who are you and how did you get started?
My name is Victor Togunde, and I’m a 45 years old actor and acro specialist living in sunny Santa Monica. I got started in the world of acro (also known as partner acrobatics - not to be confused by acro yoga) about six years ago when I realized that my entire adult life had revolved around acting. I wanted something other than my job to focus my time and energy on, and arco was just what the doctor ordered. 
What are your achievements?
I’m proud of the success I have achieved in Hollywood. I’ve starred opposite actors such as Denzel Washington, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Harrison Ford just to name a few. Over the last four years, I’ve been working on building a community out here in Santa Monica which focuses on acro. Every week, I bring my SOUNDBOKS down to Muscle Beach for the “Sunday Acro Jam” - an event that I’ve spearheaded where hundreds of acrobats meet up to practice, party and have an all-around awesome time.  
What is your community?
My community is an amazing group of people who love practicing acro and we are located in the heart of the world-famous Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. Our goal is to spread good vibes all the while focusing on developing our sport and to grow individually as athletes. 
What is the noise you're trying to break through and what are you working on now?
My mission is to separate the world of partner acrobatics from that of acro yoga because the two are very different. Acroyoga has been getting a lot of air time lately and I want to make sure that people also see the other side of things. I’m hoping to make the amazing and inspiring practice of acro more accessible to people all over the world. I want to create a culture for athletes where they can share their love of the sport and feel free to grow and develop in new directions. 
What is your place in the SOUNDBOKS universe and how are you empowered by the SOUNDBOKS?
It’s largely thanks to the SOUNDBOKS that I was able to build my community in the first place. When I first started practicing acro, the community was very small and fairly quiet. I wanted more - I wanted to create something bigger, something better, something louder. So I started bringing my speaker down to Muscle Beach with me trying to slowly change the vibe and bring people out of their shells and into the community. Four years later, I’ve been able to propel an 80-year-old tradition at the Original Muscle Beach into the mainstream by creating a friendly, party inspired atmosphere that is centered around the power of movement.

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