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Winter Campaign
Winter Campaign

Explorer pack

Opportunity can knock in any season, and only the bold can take on the cold. Want to explore new worlds and discover new experiences? We’ve got your back.Grab the Explorer Pack with SOUNDBOKS 2 and BACKPACK in our webshop for just $999.

  • High volume
    High volume

    Shake the slopes

    Rock the mountain with 122 dB of pure volume.

  • Strong Battery
    Strong Battery

    Longer life for longer nights

    The nights may be long, but our battery life is 40 hours strong.

  • Super Durable
    Super Durable

    Snow problem? No problem

    Go ahead, throw a snowball at it. Yeah, that didn’t even hurt.

  • Very portable
    Very portable

    No mountain high enough

    Strap on that BACKPACK and take a hike. Or two. Or three.

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    2-6 business days

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    2 Years Warranty

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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